The drive is over…….

Previously, I would have said that I was quite social media savvy. Granted, more of a visitor then a resident with most platforms, but social media literate. But oh how wrong I was!

I didn’t realise how many different platforms there were, and ones that I could benefit from. I knew full well about copywright etiquette, but didn’t know about Create Commons, and what a wonderful way of being able to safely share and use imagery. links (I keep going on about them), but seriously, who knew. My life will not be the same again thanks to, or should I say #CJBSsmdl for the introduction!

8476983849_eeba1942cb_bAt the time, I didn’t overly enjoy the Twitter sessions. It’s hard to be in session, sitting in front of a computer, tapping away. It feels unsociable and rude, but it does the job and it isn’t until later you realise how beneficial this is. I signed up for Twitter a while ago, but could see no way of getting enthused by it. But all it takes is a small group of friends to follow, throw in a lively and active #CJBSsmdl to inspire conversation, and you get me! Zealous twitter user!

Overall with social media I am definitely more confident then before. I realise now the importance of saying something, sharing, replying, asking questions, commenting. It’s more important to be doing something then nothing, if you want to get anything out of it that is. Being a resident on platforms can be satisfying, seeing your tweets favourited or retweeted and then shortly followed by a new follower! I mean who would want to follow me, I have nothing interesting to say. But it’s better then saying nothing!

I’m not sure about what my next steps will be. I hope those that have found the drivers license useful will continue to network with each other, share opinions and ask questions. I think the journey we have been on together means we are all sympathetic and want to be helpful to each other. It can make a difference to the school, but to make a BIG difference will talk more then the 30 in cohort 1!

Me and Jasmin have already been set the task of coming up with ideas of how we can apply what we have learned to our team in Exec Ed. Creative Commons will be useful for LinkedIn posts as we can now use good imagery, legally! Links will look better on emails and help with precious tweet space. We can apply #hastags to our programmes and @Cambridgejbs which we have not done previously. I am trying to remember all the tools we have learned about in the past few weeks, there have been so many.

14536794144_d16fd58760_kI hope the Social Media drivers license will run again, and again if need be! There are tonnes more ways and people in the school it could benefit, they just know it yet. I think it could have been longer, but then it could probably run forever given the rate of change in the digital landscape.

Now it is over, I will carry on wearing my social media dress – I quite like the way it fits!






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social Media Dress, Anthony Stone – ://




I fancied doing another blog this week! I wanted to admit my feelings towards PicMonkey! (rightly, or wrongly)

I did a degree in photography and my life would not be complete if I did not have access to Adobe software like Photoshop and InDesign. I very rarely share a picture without first ‘doctoring’ it in some way, shape or form. This is fine most of the time, I guess, I mean my computer at home is 100 years only but it’s got all my software on it and I can’t afford to re-license. So this makes for slow times if I want to do stuff at home. Until now……!!!!!

My introduction to PicMonkey, was probably my favourite introduction so far! You don’t even have to log in – REPEAT – you don’t even have to log in!! And you can add trees, birds, butterflies, flowers, graduation hats to swans… you can’t do that so easily in Photoshop! There are themes; winter, Victorian and Halloween, nice border selection, text options and even save options so it’s doesn’t compress your image in to a small, useless file size if you don’t want it to.

fun with photo's

fun with photo’s

The fact I can access it at home is the biggest saving grace, not from my 100 year old PC, but from my fast laptop!! And I look forward to the blossoming new relationship I have with this .com site. Now don’t get me wrong, it will never replace my love for Photoshop, it’s not that great.  But FUN it is!


Thanks #CJBSsmdl for the introduction. This could be a long lasting relationship bond!


Google…… +

Last week in our social Media Driving License #CJBSsmdl we learned about the wonderful world of Google…. who knew!




I use Google ALOT, literally every day, but I had no idea about it’s functions outside of being a search engine and a map!  I was also surprised to discover that I do already have a google account, without realising!

Amongst many things we learned about google as a cloud storage and I think this is the function I would like to continue to explore.  I use my yahoo account as a sort of cloud storage, working on a document at home, sending it to myself so I have the latest version to work on when at work.  But this isn’t ideal and doesn’t always work!!

Not only with Google can you upload documents to your entitled cloud storage but you could just create your documents in Google instead and each user has unlimited storage for Google created documents. UNLIMITED, for Free lets not forget!

So, this is the beginning of my new trial virtual life in the cloud, and I’m sure from using Google for this purpose I will inevitably delve in to all the other features having a Google account has to offer.



First of all the podcast starts with some ridiculous music!

ResearchGate Logo

ResearchGate Logo

ResearchGate was founded in 2008, when two researchers found that collaborating with a friend or colleague on the other side of the world was no easy task.  They believed that “Science should be open and transparent” and want to make progress happen faster (

ResearchGate is an Academic Social Media platform that combines different elements of other popular social media.  Jaideep thinks that the platform definitely keeps the user in mind.  I will probably never research, let alone publish a paper and have a reason to get an account with ResearchGate, but apparently you get points for your online contributions and discussions and get a RGS (ResearchGate Score) depending on your contribution.

However…. Big questions, what about copyright?  Papers are loaded, some working and some published but Jaideep is unsure how they manage the copyright.

Jaideep says “Traditionally academics would publish in journals that are physical journals and then they went online”, however he feels that there more of a reach on ResearchGate as people from around the world, from places where people might not have access to copyright protected journals are online and as a result you are reaching people you would not be able to otherwise.

All in all this was a really interesting Podcast, I didn’t know anything (even the existence) of ResearchGate and now I do!

Although…. Right now, I don’t feel a need to sign up!

If you want to know more about Jaideep’s use and views on reseachGate then visit the podcast here:………..

Now I have to say, prior today’s session with Andy, Ange and Georgina I didn’t know about  I guess I had notices links here and there, but never really thought anything of it.

But now my creative juices are flowing and I can see loads of great uses for using them.  It’s nice to see, let alone send, a short link to something rather then a lengthy, silly link!

Lego Bitly Puffer

Lego Bitly Puffer

Even better is that I found this lego Puffer fish!
I’m sure the #CJBSsmdl team will love it – I have even given a bit/ly link to the website it can be found on… you go girl!

Check out this link for all you could ever want to know about the 1m wide carnivore (it’s much bigger than a tea cup) –


Tweet a Thon

I wasn’t actually present in the week 4 ‘Tweet-a-Thon’.
Work duties of site prevented my attendance!

Can get annoying to see in your feed over and over again

It can get annoying to see the same things in your feed over and over again

Its’ interesting to look back at #CJBSsmdl, but also a bit confusing.  Perhaps, to keep the two things separate it would be useful to use a different# for the event, so looking back it’s a bit clearer.  But the timeline gives and indication of the start/finish of the event even though the same pictures are repeated time and time again, I guess from re-tweets and reply’s made.

There are some good quotes from Nathalie which helps sum up her views and experiences to someone who is not there in person:

@Jazzya said: CJBSsmdlClosing thoughts from – “Social Media is a good thing. We are in control”

@JaneKershaw1 said: “Far more people watch (social media) than join in” – so are we becoming voyeurs rather than activists??

And @GirlCalled Jess has got me very intrigued with this tweet:  Seeing the evolution of ‘s hairstyles..

We talk about #ing our Exec Ed Open programmes a lot in out team, and it’s never really taken off with our participants.  I’m thinking now, looking back at other blogs on the experience this might be due to the fact that participants are unable to tweet live.  They are in session and so NO PHONES ALLOWED!

But how can we get them to comment or say something in the breaks?  This is something for me and my fellow team mate @JazzyA to discuss after the course, when we sit down and decide how we can implement our new skills and experiences within the team!